Saturday, December 1, 2012

Time is money in this recession
So although a slight imposition …
I listened …
To the collision of his
Stupid superstition of inhibitions
He said ignorance is bliss...
I said NO... Intelligence is...
Ignorance is YOUR obstacle
Intellect is a powerful positive threshold
Know the difference
Between distorted angles of anguish and understanding
The factual dissimilarity
Between the act of denial and actually excelling
Ignorance is NOT BLISS
All it does is feed your fears to stop your success
Familiarity breeds contempt
So strive for the universal antidote of intelligence…
I’m just saying…. its free but pay attention
LeeLee is about to learn you a lesson!


Thank you, Jamie.
Ok, class is in session
So study for your test
Having a degree does not
Grant you common sense
Some don't have the sense that God gave them
Hell, Captain can't even save them
Republicans claim that they can relate to my plight
Whatever helps you sleep at night
You have the right to express your opinions
Everyone has one... just like an A-Hole
You know I strive for intellectual bliss
NOT to swim in your pool of ignorance
Bliss, to me, is receiving knowledge
From life lessons as well as in college
The mind is a VERY powerful tool
Don't be an intelligent fool
Come eat this food for thought
Brought to you by this scholar in the making
And funded by God's continued blessings
Our differences shouldn’t be a curse
And negativity should NEVER be rehearsed
So, like Jamie said, intelligence IS bliss
Get the picture?
Class is dismissed

--LeeLee Aint Msbehavin’

(C) 11/27/2012

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