Thursday, August 23, 2012


AUGUST 2012 

This Award is given to the person who has shown unbiased, unconditional, unending support of their Fellow Poets, as well as contributed to the fullness of The Unmuted Ink Group by submitting his own work, uplifting others, seeking to promote Unity, Camaraderie, Solidarity.

This person is the Best of Unmuted Ink and we salute all you do.

This Months Award goes to:

Todd “The Lyfe Poet” Smith

Congratulations from us All!


Sunday, August 19, 2012



      she wants something not within her reach
      this derailed her from her plans
      she was supposed to have had
      real goals and aspirations
      traded em in ghosts and apparitions
      she’s taking force becomes a task force
      all of this over a man
      he's not even hers - but she'll be be dammned
      she said she wants what she wants
      and she wants YOUR man
      watch her cuz she's scheming on him
      plotting on your every move
      waiting to jump in your spot
      so she can win what you'll loose
      you don't have to be enemies
      don't take it personally
      if yall aint on the same page
      it may as well be different books
      she's a man eating fish
      a piranha with hooks



       Piranha lady love's you, but she don't love her mother
      Piranha lady hates you, because she swallows up weak brothers
      Her plan iz Jezebel ion
      Rebel-ion her deception
      diseased from her wants
      since her very own inception
      Piranha lady love you, but she don't love her mother
      Piranha lady hate you, because she swallows up her lovers
      As she's surfing through the shallows
      searching for the gallows
      she's planning your downfall
      she wants all but your bone marrow
      Narrow minded little trickster
      spinster posing winner
      just a poot butt little sinner
      Never known the coldest winter
      Piranha lady love you, but she don't love her mother
      Piranha lady hate you, watch for her she's under cover!

2 HEADED BEAST!~an unauthorized collab by Qise "tha fuk outta here" notebook and Jamie "I WISH a muthaphuka would" Bond

2 HEADED BEAST!~an unauthorized collab by 
Qise "tha fuk outta here" notebook and 
Jamie "I WISH a muthaphuka would" Bond

an unauthorized collab
by Qise "tha fuk outta here" notebook
and Jamie "I WISH a muthaphuka would" Bond

Who in the hell left the gate open,
its feeding time and we're ready to feast,
more than a monster, this is a two-headed Beast...
Out for blood, I be that wolf in sheep's clothing and,
don’t act surprised cause, Jamie forewarned ya...
Microwave flow, I radiation core warm ya,
Two strikes of lightning, I’m the quiet before, she storms ya...

Ballpoints on one end, the other, sharpened to shanks so,
don’t get too friendly cause, its more lethal than you think...
No cage can hold us, we gnaw the bars off that bitch,
and fuck a chain link, eat the barb wire off that fence...

Go ahead and get decapitated,
there goes ya head, you're decapitated,
have ya neck squirting blood like that bitch was lactating...
See, we running wind sprints while your pen is jogging,
Fukkit, Imma let Jamie finish off the rest of your carcase.


Ahhh seee, now ya know I like my beef well done
I refuse to eat some shit that I already stepped on
Yo Quise not only will we leave em decapitated
we gonna have their ink spillage coagulating

and truth be told if I had a dick I’d be jockin myself
2 poets 1 paper we’re so dammn phenomenal
got that cut cha 2 tha white meat monstrous flow
we stay stifling they flows and mojos
they told us to behave we said hell to tha NO

free write PDF downloads we cheffin up regrets
we be like the loch ness monsters lockin down tha net
like twin Frankenstein’s with pens leaking out our necks
take my pens and stab em in tha head so they can think devilish
spank dey asses makin em go back in tha lab like poetry techs

I see you grew some but we’re still gruesome wit it
I see you still hiding behind your subliminal messages
Betcha punk ass wont say it to my face wit cha embellished bullshit
your nursery rhymes are seek and find and I’m a saduko bitch

Go ahead keep fuckin wit us actin like you can’t get touched
I’m a monster wit sweet tooth and kinda still don’t want cha
Welcome to the dungeon your welcome mat I’ll bludgeon
Have your tee splattered wit blood lookin like a half used tampon
Yo weak ass said you had a dope poem but tha dog you don’t own ate it
It’s a muthaphukin lie cuz tha insurance company clearly stated
It was a total wreck we caused pothole damage to ya paper

you pigeons are smitten wit our pens in tha paper play pen
you aint hard you lookin like sponge bob up against a fuckin Spartan
couldn’t hold me back from jumpin in yo ass if I swallowed a magnet
we’ll hog tie their maggot asses to tha back of a chariot and drag em
use my pen and stab you in the heart that you AINT got like a dagger
you in the lair of Quise ~the notebook beast ~ and the den of mic breathing dragon

we stay in that unapologetically relentless fuck yo feelings battle mode
so don’t get it fucked up chuck
WE BE LIKE Neanderthals playin stick ball wit cho ballz
tell ya what tho! Quise will twitter your murder as a trending topic
under #realtalk #thepoetrymovement #fuckouttahere and #tryharder
We’re cold hearted and uncouth toward tha artless
you better be able to back yo pen up pimpin’
or we cuttin your wrists off and mailing it back to ya mamma
I promise ya

~~ Jamie

So, have a deep convo with ya pen
and tell it to think before it speaks before,
it becomes what’s digested in the belly of this Beast...

We birth ability, while raising Kane,
we spit fire to your flickering ass flame,
This is Quise, no nickname and Jamie Bond ALL DAY...

I see you spittin your light colored hues and shit,
while me and J.B is straight black and bluing shit,
permanently bruising shit,
eatin wack ass poets like food and shit so,
stay tuned to the 10 o'clock news and shit...

No, this aint got shit to do with no slam,
unless its slammin ya face,
givin the pavement a fresh coat of skin,
and once you get me started,
its gon take my mama and your maker
to get me off your ass then...

And it’ll always be an unfair fight cause,
Jamie always blasts before the draw,
and the first line of weak shit to come out ya lips,
I’m breaking the fuckin glass in ya jaw...

You’ll do better tryin to separate us than tame us,
for the sake of us eatin ya ass alive..

Th'Fukk Outta here...
Befor I have Jamie snatch ya fukkin eyes out the sockets,
and play dice with them shits..

~Quise Williams

yall just don’t know….
mike tyson and Quise got tha same m.o.
you’re no challenge for him tho
notebook in hand he’ll knock yo ass out
in less than 3 mins only thing is
that he don’t get frustrated tho
Quise tha beast eats poets like you for breakfast
Tyson dumb ass be eatin EARiooos

fuk outta here
you see Quise in tha cut gettin heads sprung
he got defibrillators for pens shockin chest lungs
scribing anthrax inside of yo asthma pump

we’ll disrespect your whole conglomerate
and write on your pad like we was in drum line
Have your sneakers twist tied to an overpass
wit a banner of your pic as grammas make shift shrine

candles and artificial flowers for yo fake ass
be like yeah here goes another poet who tried
HE thought he could and WE wished he would
he was only a few blurred lines in a battle book

so we paid him some homage
murked em and sent his bastardized off spring to college
don’t worry we’ll raise tha lil faggot where you left off
gonna trick his lil ass out on tha main block
the only pops he knew was on a Kellogg’s box

tell em
here take this thermometer from outcha ass lil man
and put it around your neck real fast
call it a weather doppler muthaphucka
it’s a storm indicator for
Jamie hurricanes and Quise tornado's
and if you see it hit 90 then its too hot for ya
just like like right now

cuz our words can make a thermos boil
you simmer and sauté and we stay on broil
everything about today is gaping ink oil on gravel
deep fry your dreadlocks till yo thoughts unravel
month to month or lips to chops we stay choppin it up
its dirty jerz rockin out wit tha grimy south

We spyt poisonous truth serum into flu shots
you betta get vaccinated while we on vacation cuz we aint playin
Jamie and Quise in the same place oh best believe thaat …
that shit is a state of emergency
a muthafuckin hide yo men women and babies
type of world wide evacuation

real talk ya couldn’t hold me back even if I were a ghost
I got teeth stronger than galvanized steel posts
I got yo mans’ bitch ass covering his mouth
Quise gotcha girl holdin balls she aint even got
Jodi in beast mode put cho ass in tha know
be like gooddddd dayyuummmn homey
you got knocked tha fuck ouuttttttttt

Quise just mushed ya punk ass in tha face
talkin bout Get tha fuk outta here!! Haha


alimony = ALL THA MONEY ~~ Todd Smith (Thelyfepoet) & Jamie Bond Collab


then from your paycheck comes plenty non-amicable alimony
unless you are still amiable
but no longer to each other amenable
they need to call it calamity-mony
never to be seen again money
Mr. judge, I cant do that cause I practice parsimony
you mean I gotta slide some money to her, I’d rather contribute patrimony

this is gory
aint no allegory
taking all my dollar bill glory
reducing my potential savings inventory
are those kids mine, is it to late to go on Maury

I want my money back
since we no longer sharing the same sack
I can't even afford a whopper or a big Mac

her attorney compared to mine was more shrewd and pragmatic
to make our love work I should have been more dogmatic
a bedroom room acrobatic
making her body feel ecstatic
not enigmatic
causing trouble laced with static
thoughts of us being together forever were automatic
I guess I overrated my cinematic charismatic

I wasn't out there
and eating
and meeting
and greeting
and misleading
but I should have done more
to keep the romance from bleeding
and being defeating

gonna be a stand up person and mention
that I should have given our love more attention
instead of letting it drift away causing derision division
that lead to the judge's final decision

for it was me you quit..
we are no longer are a top ten hit...
you still getting my money to pay for your benefits...

you mean I gotta pay you 2 leave it alone..
I can use dat $$$ to make other sweeties moan...
any1, how about a non-repayment of a 200k loan
b4 I go out and get stoned
love turned from right to wrong
and from my castle was I dethroned
can't even touch that naked hipbone
now, even the dog looks at me like I'm unknown

JT was right, it's cheaper to kill her
I meant cheaper to keep her
where is the white out when one needs it
these alimony pays are causing my wallet a fit

whether you were out there or not to play
and demonstrating your skills of unskilled foreplay
or trying to lay
use lay-a-way to lay some of your pay away
to make sure I gets my money every payday



you aint gotta love me but you need to pay up chuck
I been stressed due to all this mess you got the whole family hemmed up
nah; you aint gotta like me but you need to get with that direct deposit
I want the house, the kids the car, the dog the backyard and the walk in closet
now I know you swoll about how things went down but it aint my fault
you were the one tryna re live your youth don't be mad cuz you got caught

I'm gonna need my alimony matter of fact all the money I can get
I want child support and for you to pay for the health insurance
I'm gonna need those suits too cuz I paid for all of them
you can have that garbage bag full of sweat pants that's for divorced men!

I'm chuckling cuz you're walking around with a false sense of confidence
my lawyer is a pit-bull in lipstick call her PALIN
so I'll drop the kids off every other weekend
and you keep em till Monday morning while I'm with my new man
getting beach tans like Stella getting her groove back

the alimony is all you know about me have the check be on time and don't whine
I swabbed your cheek when you were asleep of course they are yours and mine
this divorce decree should give you a degree in playas gettin paid
cuz if they weren't yours which I wasn't sure of at first
I wouldda let it be an uncontested divorce

only difference right now its not who lied first but which one of got caught
but the matrimony to the money in your wallet gives me alimony to I'm old and gray
cuz I'll rock this man made pension plan for as long as I can
and never eva get remarried again


A MURDER INK ~~ Bad Boy #1 & Jamie "JB" Bond Collab

Testing JB and me is a bad habit.
It’s ur soul we stole, no u can’t have it back silly wabbit.
(Welcome to the dark side.)
U envy this
won’t stop for shit.
got stock in Bic so we can’t quit.
Samurai’s my style I, spit it better than Bruce Lee kick it.
Hammer can’t touch this; I’m the og Funky Head Hunter.
I’m the go getter, u the runner.
JB and me be MWPs, Most Wanted Pens
like enemas u get urs in the end.
Don’t have to get ready we, stay ready.
Hands on bics like addicts suckin’ dicks.
Fuck the joker, wait til they get a load of me.
I’m two-face, Bad Boy 1-EL-OH-VEE-E.

You’re in, a no win situation
we fuckin’ u all like double penetration
damaging guts with the thrust of my pen-erection.
(check 1 check 2) My pen writes nice.
Tricks are for kids, but this
this aint no game
like a switch blade, this bic was custom made for my hand.
How, dare u touch the Holy Grail
try to share in the glare
my shine’s too bright
gots to wear my sunglasses at night.
Imma narcissistic bitch wit dis shit.
Like Tony, I’m gr-r-reat at this.
Now, Nip/Tuck ya tail and run on home.
U can’t beat me with a wish,
The Bic Specialist

you hear the echoes in a tunnel
tellin you to follow tha light
watch out its a scribe trap
welcome to the dark side
when all you got is a hammer
then everything is nail
on tha DL
JB and DL are like tha hammers of hell
I aint gotta lay my hands on you
that's what tha guns are for
besides DL already knows
I don't wanna mess my nails up over yall
but for the record...
I need ya to stop and think
why my nail polish is INK
see I don't know whatcha thinkin
we leave bodies floatin fish feedin
and stickin in tha back of Lincolns
you the small lies to a tall tale
chasin your tails and ya still failed
you lookin pale
our verbs be like seltzer burns
but taste like ginger ale
bottled up and bottoms up
we don't give a flyin fuck
we got brass knuckles tatted
on our hands prepared to tear shit up
walls full of trophies and plaques
we scribe headaches and heart attacks
on your necks chest and backs
you don't want none of that
far from a come back this a call back
call tha cops if you want and we'll have you
twisted up like a glad bag strung up in knots
have you inked up and smoothed out like a back drop
IBJB that's me the poetic supremacist
but can refer to us as the BIC SPECIALIST

(c) 2012
Jamie "JB" Bond & Bad Boy #1
Murder Ink

Instinctive Supplication ~~ An Isaac Vincent Washington & Jamie Bond Collab


Instinctive Supplication

Those with deceit in their hearts against me, Lord let the hairs on the back of my neck stand, And for those who attempt to sabotage the efforts of good that I do. Lord; allow me the powers of my instinct to overwhelm me to double check and catch it before my signature of approval goes onto it. And when the righteous ones are trying to live up to it for if not my own standards then at least their own and still want… Lord; please allow me the opportunity to pat them on the back before they have a chance to do it themselves…. Knowing that you created us in your image, Father in heaven; remind me to look at each person crossing my path as an opportunity to enforce the Ten Commandments in your name O Lord.

Those with conceit, trying to impart it for mine eyes to see.....Lord let this message break through their layers, with tact, so that they see what you intended them to innerstand… When they try to present the camouflage of the mirage with the veils of the untrue, Lord;  disavow their negative showers of thinking that they are selling me, as a troubling test. And when the true enlightened ones are dieing to give knowledge with settle hints, lift out thine shown answers, godsent for the beast to retreat to the bottom layers, where, alone, the angels will haunt. Lord let me follow thee, jurisprudentially, to gather and impart, on their minds shores, the loving teaching of you O Lord.
~~ Isaac Vincent Washington

REFLECTIONS OF A QUEEN ~~ Michelle Forbes & Jamie Bond


Jamie Bond

I see her in the thoughtful process of my poems
As she only wishes he'd see her with his actions at home
The water is shallow he stands upright yet has a crooked shadow
He may be a king but he's undeserving of this captivating queen
Rise up and respect what I see in your reflection
They say the lighter the burden the broader the shoulders
When you take responsibility for your own actions
You finally have no one to blame but yourself
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder not beer holder
Till you believe me stay encouraged till you feel empowered
Take it from seconds to minutes to hours
Till you get thru each day by tha skin of your teeth
Then circle every calendar Sunday and call it a week
You are a kindred soul transforming into a butterfly soldier
Rise up ma and be not just heard but seen... ibjb

Michelle Forbes
I see her in pieces of a shattered yesterday

Jamie Bond
I see her struggling to see what we all see in her memorizing the true reflection in her soul its a beautiful pic sis someone dropped the ball on empowering her ego and she believed them till she could see with her own eyes till her heart knows better...

Michelle Forbes
Trying to collect herself inside today... and gather the strength to utter healing, to mumble prosperity in syllables that destroy the negative way she may be feeling because queens have rough days too... and even still her jewel crowned beckons light that breaks through shadows, her reflection mirrors a prismatic glow that radiates pieces of her she used to know, peeking underneath her wrinkled existence.. a rippled reality broken because pieces of her seem to be missing.. And she stares at her reflection with reminiscent kisses on her lips that miss loving herself... Lost in the validation of love from someone else... Her eyes saturated with so much warped truth that she can't truly see herself Her image is her living hell, burning from preconceived notions of society... Her mind tormented by what she fails to see...flames flicker in regrets that fuel insecurities... Interrogating her own royalty who is she?

Jamie Bond
if only she'd trust herself she'd know the whispers are gods wishes her path has been created for her already yet she's in her own way....

Michelle Forbes
she's blocking beams of sun-rays, her bent mental state creates concave interpretations of her truth, and the longer she stares her memory fails to compute the truth....

Jamie Bond
SHE is a direct descendant of royalty and dances in a language that her hips move linguistically to the true beat of her heart she has to start somewhere she has to be clear of her choices and virtuous standards SHE is the queen in all of us

Michelle Forbes
somehow sexual validation is subtracting virtue...and she can only see what he wants her to...

Jamie Bond
the image takes her breath away so she sits and gazes till tears fall like a stream off of her face THIS was not a shallow river when she began yet look at her now never a fallen angel but more like an angel whose not learned to soar yet ....

Michelle Forbes
rippled waters cloud perception in gray hues....she asks herself who are you? her broken wings proof that she could have been anything her broken wings proof that she once knew innocence

Jamie Bond
there are 5 senses in the body we use to survive and if she turns off hearing the rest will amplify she needs to be still God is always talking to her ... we no not who we are thats the least important knowing why we are here is the purpose of our goals

Michelle Forbes
still waters yield clarity, rippled sounds settling.. She can here God whispering....winds whistle she is still a queen

Jamie Bond
she smiles in her sleep like babies used to so even in slumber god sends her messages downloading tasks like a calibrated motor problem is when she awakes she never noticed....

Michelle Forbes
greatness comes with great suffering... there is no destination without a journey....and no purpose without a testimony

Jamie Bond
life is good she is safe the waters are no threat the image she sees is not a distorted mess everything about her aura says she’s captivated and curious as if asking the reflection is she looks away will it still be there....

Jamie Bond
her choices are evident... either she'll be the woman she's destined to be or the one she's comfortable with... the formula is actually to be both comfortable with the woman she is destined to be the skies are fighting back thunder clouds and tha warrior in this woman doesn’t feel any form of a threat at sunrise nor sunset.....

Michelle Forbes
her strength permeates complete resistance to what use to be her nemesis

Jamie Bond
she is woman hear her roar!!!

Michelle Forbes
and she recognizes this... Her power amplified in her completeness, complimented by self love and a new awareness of what true love is

Michelle Forbes
her newness reflected in a form of beauty she previously rejected.. she can finally see herself

Jamie Bond and she is..... Beauty.......

Michelle Forbes
‎:-)  beautiful sis!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ ur turn post a pic in another group.. lets get it in!

Eternal Vacation ~~ Charles SeaBe Banks AND Jamie Bond Collab

Eternal Vacation

Charles SeaBe Banks
Wish dat we could take a eternal vacation...
would we become Jaded??
or merely...excited by all that we could do...
sands n n fun .. me n U...

Jamie Bond
Wishful thinking
Body sinking in suds of sand bubbles
This is my type of welcomed trouble
Palm trees sweet breezes in soft motions
Relaxing massages with spf 15 lotion
C’mon lets go take a quick skinny dip

Charles SeaBe Banks
Would we make it too the water's edge
fEEt would splash...would.LeGGes obey...?
or else another sweet dip and pull.
..moon light shade...
would your eyes look the same my way
Loving lee...Passionately... sassful lEE...

Jamie Bond
Uninhibitedly playful leeeee
We make sandcastles in our minds sweetlyyyy
We can live in all the time
But we're catching that title wave we can't name
The moon would drown in the reflection of my pupils
You’ll never see anything in my eyes except you.....

Charles SeaBe Banks
Bricks do fall some say... I agree...
Your eyes n mine…
how close can a touch be...whose skin this.?..Verily ...
All things start with a touch..a hand a mind a soul....
LOOK HEARTS GIVE you’re all dat....!!

Jamie Bond
Hear me smile, watch me laugh like a kid
Shatter me with bricks
Quicker than the corners of a smile flipping
With the bat of an eye an unsaid thought
Coupled with a talking touch.... shhhhh
Play a light song on my rib cage with a strong hug
Keep it hot; cup my waist and hold me like a coffee mug

Tales from a Facebook Outcast- A JAMIE and JUSTICE COLLAB


Tales from a Facebook Outcast- A JAMIE and JUSTICE COLLAB

I suppose this is an important time in my life
And I realize that I may not always be right
But sometimes I wish you could completely understand me
But I guess my wish for you would be too easy
Perhaps I am more complicated than I thought
Maybe you tried to find out but it was I who fought
Once in awhile I wish you’d feel incomplete like me
At least identify with me but you’ll not know if you see

You’ll never know because you’ve chosen not to ask
And I’ll forever carry that burden till the very last
I wish I could write positive emotions and feelings
But only negativity comes from me as I'm releasing

I journey on my own with no idea of direction half the time
And all I know is that when I write it usually will rhyme
My heart always feels so empty aware of the love I yearn for
Still I barely confront those monsters behind the scary doors

Nothing can be worse I say
It gets harder for me everyday

There is no mold made for me
No hammer to strike the cast and set me free
I was born form a place of love and understanding
At time when life was not so demanding
And walked with the smile of the innocent child
Never glancing over my shoulder
for those who wandering in the wild
Stuck drifting on the river of African fame
when slurred in name is called Denial

My fever raged in me as those struck me from behind
Cursed for my size and hated for my mind
Where does it all end tell me do you know
Or is it destined to always be so
Friends Romans countrymen are there ears here for lending
Love torn stitches in the heart of man need mending
Something more real than casual friending
The path of the chosen few that seeks a new ending
I am not a quitter and therefore I am not bitter
For all the wealth we possess is of the spirit that glitters
So put that on your twitter and spray it on your wall
For the most important words said sometimes
are the ones not spoken at all

I can still recall the dark days before I found the pen
When the rivers sought to drown me from my pain within
Tears came like the a storm and I was never warm
until the naive soul vanished and the humble poet was born
I seek the foothold firm that place in the now
I seek not to just be that face in the crowd
To find the one that is like me that can excite me
The one who knows the ways of the page and can write me
No longer labeled as the misfit of society
And into that good night I shall not go quietly
For the mind that dances shall always be on the move
With messages inspire desire and well as to sooth
I have nothing more left to prove
And will always have access to the mental tools I use

And if I am destined to stand alone than so be it
For my wisdom is not hidden to those who can see it
And let it soar on the winds of my own recognition
This is my sacred mission
So others too who have felt this way
Will know they are not alone this day
And may drink deeply for the forbidden well of acceptance
Free themselves from this misfortunate sentence
And know now that the hour of solitude has finally passed
Sincerely Flowetic Justice formerly known as
The Facebook  Outcast

Quiet Motorcycle ~~ A Joe DaVerbal Minddancer & Jamie Bond Collab


Quiet Motorcycle

Sitting here thinking about so many things
It gives me a pure headache
Although I'm not sure what hurts
More my head for thinking and not being able to forget
Or my heart for feeling the pain….
How can I know the signs to look for
So that I won’t be hurt again?
How could I be warned about being deceived?
Unless I trust again
I’ll be fooled over and over….
It occurs to me that trust comes with deceit
So shall I never trust again
Never trust you again
Or just go be by myself somewhere
So many things I want to do in life
So many things and places I want to see in my life
You’re holding me down holding me back
Killing me slowly making me so sad
Love means nothing to me with and for you….
I can’t even hate you…I just want closure…
Need to be as far away from you as possible~
That’s the only time I can breadth easy, sleep soundly, be me…
Its one of the few times I feel I can be at peace
I can’t forgive ~ I can’t even begin matter of fact I know
I will never forget…..


I'll not be the one to hold you back.
I've told you time and time again
Only you control that.
You want to get away? Don't place that hindrance on me
You could've picked anytime to be free...
You want closure..
Well close your mouth.
Can I get a word in edge wise..
Before you pack up and head south. east west north.
Your choice.
The distance by your admittance.
Will breathe new life in you...
Since I'm the cause of all this strife in you..
Maybe I saw a wife in you?
So your running is there no fight in you?..
I was wrong it's true..
I'm not claiming That's what Men do..
No excuses I'll own up to...everything I've done..
Not excluding you..Your not faultless ...
This is not a tit for tat..
You’re coming off as if it's just me
Those aren't the facts...The fact is ..It doesn't matter...
Where’s your things I'll help you gather!...
Bus fare, plane ticket.
How ever you travel...I won't forget either
How this whole thing unraveled

~~ Joe DaVerbal Minddancer

DEAR ASK AL; AN Albert Carrasco (Infinitethe Poet) & Jamie Bond Collab

 DEAR ASK AL; AN Albert Carrasco (Infinitethe Poet) & Jamie Bond Collab


I found your website and because it said I could text you
I read all the advice and felt like I could trust you
I have an urgent question I’m hoping it’ll get to you fast
cuz I’m kind of pressed for an answer so I’m sending it to ask AL
Ya see Mr. AL, all my friends want me to join their group
But I’m not scared to its just that I’m afraid not to
You see; they make examples out girls in my school
Intolerant to those who say NO
They ostracize and ridicule them
And make em take turns having sex with the boys
And then turn around get branded as their whores
They jump em as an initiation
They snatch em bald-headed and cut faces
They use utility knives to carve initials in their foreheads
AL I’m trapped
I don’t wanna be on either side of the fence
And they’re making me feel very defensive
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. School isn’t fun for me no more
I’m hoping you can advise me cuz I only see one door
Please hurry with a viable response I got 24 hours to act
And this letter right here is minus 4 hours for reaction

BAB aka Barely a Bully

Hello BAB, this is Al responding to your text, I thank you for reaching out with your situation that's seems to be very complexed. You say your "friends want you to join a group" , Are they really friends? A group of people who will cut you, beat you, offer you as a sex slave. To me this doesn't sound like sister society. Do you really wish to flock with thee? How would you even consider to be a part of a troupe that if you wish to remain neutral they'll carve your face like its a gourmet dish? I understand your not scared but being smart doesn't make you a coward. I suggest you leave those so called friends alone. Explain to your mom your dad your guidance counselor about the situation, maybe you can get transferred to another school zone, Violence is something we can never condone. Look, you can't eat or sleep just thinking about what others think of you. You haven't even joined and these so called friends are already ruining home... Thats not cool!!!! Let's get you out that school!

Hey AL
I ain’t gotta lotta time homey
I’d ask my brother for advice but he’s 6 feet deep with his homeys
Yo my mom cries all the time more so since my dad got locked up
He went ape shit on the dude that knocked my lil sister up
So now I’m watching mom dukes struggle all the time
And some friends of mine approached me they told me
I could make some quick cash m dimes
Said they got a corner I could post up in
Said they moved up the ladder bout to be sellin crack and heroine
Said I could help my mom and my lil sis
Said it was easy I'm underage so the state pen won’t see me
And since I’m only 15 I’m too young to get a job
So even tho I know it’s wrong what other options do I got?
Hit me back dude, I’m like a tiger in a cage
I’m feeling helpless watching my mom slowly fade
I got no one to ask but a dude like you who knows these streets
So you gotta do and come thru for me man…
Dammn I wish my big bro or pops were around for me….

PDR aka Potential Drug Runner

Hello PDR! This is Al and I'm so glad I went through your text so I can explain what's going to happen next. Your brother's dead, your dads in jail, mommas hurting. I know that's hard for consumption but nickel and dimming is a recipe for destruction, if you let them throw you in the fire, it's 99% chances of you going through spontaneous combustion. I've been there. I lived vile, I was so lucky to be a part of the escaping one percentile. I went from nothing to something then back to nothing after I lost it all. You Think momma hurts? you would have to see the same painful face I placed on my momma when I walked out the door. I've been shot before! So momma looked at me leaving as if I wasn't coming back no more. Do you wish the same for you and the one you adore? Do you wish to die before dad gets released from the inside? Your only fifteen your not supposed to work. your job is stand by your mother, tell her you love her and that you understand her worth. Believe me shell rather have you by her side broke at these times, than to have the one she birthed six feet in the earth.


I’m praying you can help me cuz I’m a little perplexed
This son of mine I love him but his actions keep me vexed
He doesn’t want to go to school; he hangs out with his friends
He’s acting shady like maybe he’s out getting high with them
I noticed he’s got outfits that I didn’t purchase
his explanation is his girlfriend got em for him
but neither of them are working
I have not enough time to spend with him
As a Single father I feel guilty for working
Dammn… I feel like I’m failing him
He used to talk to me,
Used to go to church with the family
He’s proclaiming he’s grown but it seems more like infancy
Now all he does is eat, sleep and run out the house on me
I asked him if he’s doing drugs or selling them he says no
But at his age AL how is a parent to know?
I’m sending you this these questions man to man
Hoping you might have a few suggestions to get him on the right path
AL, I know you been there, I realize kids feel invincible
But please tell me that almost dying isnt the only thing to pull you thru
I have REAL bills to pay, real responsibilities
Which might I add include having his back
How can I get him back on the right track?
AL how can I get my mini me; MY young man of the house back?
My income strapped, time and resources are kind of tapped
The newest thing is he’s skipping nights he comes back in the house
I remember when I was that age but he’s beyond disrespectful
He’s quick tempered with everyone and with chores acting forgetful
I just want for him what I didn’t have for myself
A stable income, education and opportunity for growth…
Biggest concern is him and the influence he’ll have on the other children
If I don’t get this resolved quickly it’s going to be a continuous issue
I refuse to let him go, I will not let the streets have him
But you know how that is AL… I feel like I’m fighting backwards
Man I hope you can enlighten me on what to look for and do
But if you can’t just let me know you got this message dude.

SF3 =Single father of 3

Hello SF3 I'm so glad you took time to contact me! It seems you need help in a hurry! what you have written made it seem like you was telling my story from my dads perspective... if he would of been alive. I know as you wrote it a tear dropped from your eyes, after watching how the street magnetize young lives. In this case it's your own blood, the seed you planted nourished and love. I think it's safe for me to say yes he is getting high, eat then sleep, that's a "munchie" sign. The new clothes that you didn't buy but he wears is another sign SF3 your boy is "out there" hand to handing like a mime. Actions have to be swift and sharp, like relocating for a new start. If he continues to see street revenue he will never leave it alone especially seeing you barely holding down home. Him being a nuisance is definitely a bad influence to your two other children, the difference is I stood away from my 4 siblings, I usually walked in and left while everyone was still sleeping. He's becoming a product of his environment. Leave fast even if that's loosing your job and living in a shelter, when you get back on your feet you'll realize you made the best decision, you'll have your son, your kids will have their brother, instead of that phone call.. Hello mr SF3 junior is deceased he had trauma to the head... a fatal injury

Let’s write about misconception ~~ Lisa D McCraw & Jamie Bond

Let’s write about misconception

Miss Jamie
an exception
of talent
a word smith
with no deception

and me
girl from the south
trying to visualize
flowing rhyme from fingertips
straight outta my pen
to my mouth

we are different
yet the same
but society we tell
us we need to change

each to his own
fend for yourself
but I refute the nonsense
of such a notion
'cause we're a REVOLUTION
and our pens
they gonna create a commotion
leading to a solution

I'm tired of divide
he said
she said
'cause they wanna deride
this plan
to unite us

and man

we all bleed red


we all bleed red
and this movement to
separate us
by black and white


and so I write
each wrong I see
every day
a new word play
to make other's notice

and YOU
and Jamie Bond

one spirit
but the pen of two


Jamie, what say you ?

(Nothing Out There Like A...POET)
~~ Lisa D McCraw

you are right we are in this fight
We start with US
to mend the great divide
Nowhere else can you find
Absence of race except on a page
Because our hearts, spirits and minds eye
Only identify
with what’s wrong with writes

We write it out
We shout about it
We write our wrongs
We be bout it bout it

We all hope to be heard
We all pray the inspiring verb
That makes love an action word
And so we scribe like
the ink is bleeding in splotches
We scream thru our ink
like we cant hear our cries
Then we poetically serenade
the restless eyes with our scribes

Poets united
in ever crevice of the world
on every corner
We unmute our ink;
till our pens look like bullhorns
Tryna save lives
one ghetto at a time
and avoid the coroner

So NOLA and ME …IBJB in Unmuted ink!
We scribe on like it’s a prescription pad
In an effort to uplift the masses!

Gooooo POETS gooooooooo

BURNING ICE ~~ A Mark Nielson (Da PoeScriber) & Jamie Bond Collab



Every dammn time I try to do it right?
It seems as if it evolves into a fight
Every dammn time I try to please you
You knock my efforts down with anything I do
Why is it that any and every dammn time I try?
You get me upset to where I’ll almost cry
When I get to this point.. what's the point...

Another hour gone by and I'm feeling unproductive
Another night gone by and feeling unseductive
Laundry in the hall I'm feeling very reluctant
About to go to bed and just say fuck it!
Tired of the shit and feeling real crazy
In my mind I say fuck him I’ll show his ass lazy


Sorry darling for causing such a negative vibe
You know how much I love you right
So let me melt the rest of this burning ice
No more hours will go by being a lazy ass
So let's start with me bringing you Breakfast in bed
And don't worry about the laundry I have it on spin
After that the lawn outside sure needs a trim
Oh no need to thank on these chores I did
It's the least I can after all that was said
But I want you feel how much I really love you
And what better place then in our bed.

~~ Mark Nielson

Loud Quiet Noise ~~ A LeeLee Aint Msbehavin' & Jamie Bond Collab


Loud Quiet Noise

I have a lot to be grateful for
So I need to stop complaining
I've vowed to
Pay more attention to me and my life
As opposed to
Everything else in my surroundings
If I don’t like it
I have to be responsible enough
To take the initiative and change it

A nervous breakdown is not in my future plans
I'm stronger than that
I need to get more on the ball and focus on goals
Do some major inner improvements
Start getting more serious about my future
And if it bothers me then I’ll be making plans to change it
And if I can’t say something good then I won’t
It’s natural to feel down and out
But complaining and not doing anything about it
is self destruction
So there!!


I know there's no "I" in TEAM but I seem to be alone in crowded rooms Consumed a cup of bitterness with a shot of lonely Am I the only one who feels this way Lay alone at night with no one to hold me Mama told me to love myself and have a plan for my future Capture time and don't make haste Don't waste time and energy on negativity God blessed thee with breath in my lungs Enough with the depressing songs that I've sung I've hung onto miserable melodies way too long Long overdue for my happy ending Start cleansing my heart and mind Find my self esteem and let it beam like ultraviolet rays Stay positive and proactive Because I only have one life to live

~~ LeeLee Aint Msbehavin'

Solitariness ~~ A Kelli Songbird Garden & Jamie Bond COLLAB

A Kelli Songbird Garden & Jamie Bond COLLAB


The hours to unhappiness
Have been a gradual one
Love not given back in full measure
I've retreated and will not give it either…

Responses were necessary, so vital…
But there were none
And now a protective coating emerges
Thin but with time and only time it can heal
But you keep messing with me, with my heart
Its not healing, scar tissue forms, resentment builds ~
Love is Lost! Wave goodbye…

Such a sad word
makes you cling to whatever you thought was necessary
Then one day; you know for both of you that it isn’t,
it couldn’t be enough~
The hours wasted! The time lost forever
All the shared things that could and should have meant so much more
have been diminished~

Leaving what? Hurt? Time wasted?
Love unfulfilled and then

Lies that rock the core and foundation of your being...
Desecrating and obliterating the armor of truth and trust...
Trust no longer there, leaving the remnants of love slowly seeping out and bare.
You’re masquerading and perpetrating an image of you for me to see.
Your spirit was not of my spirit, therefore demonstrating a reality of truth that we were truly never meant to be.
A distraction and dissatisfaction of a man you could never be...a man I fully see was never meant for me.
So, I move on with the memories of a love unrequited.
A love caught between the vortex of 3D fantasy and reality.
I'm living the reality of your twisted fantasy of what could have been...if only...
If only you could have understood and completely desired the fruit, heart and soul of my majestic womanhood ...
If only you would have valued, honored and respected the integrity of trust...the adulterated content of your unsavory character was clouded, so you soured truth with the complexity of Lies

~~ Kelli Songbird Garden



Manuel 'Finale' Allen 
Dawg i hear ya grawl n they jus bittin your style, you got this spit on lock with a pitbull grip, i hear your silent whistle, im with'chu come n get me my nikka if you need me to help bleed'em, dope words or thoughtfood is how we eat'em...n shit'em out like pudding 'cause we running with truth...lyin dummies aint good fo the tummy we regurgitate'em and they lick the ish up... Mommy Bond is bonded with gift!

Jamie Bond 

my hood dont have a sales pitch
when we get glitches we say where is it
shit gets fridged real quick snitches get stiches
we collect dem trigger fingers in tha fridges
ayyyeee but yall already know what it is
Finale and Jamie be all about that shit!

Manuel 'Finale' Allen 
My Mommy Mafia is a Methaphorical Murder'er, Lady Lootchie Linguisticly Fully Loaded with'a trigga happy finga when it come to the inkin, sew'em in the ground deep shit down is how Grammer Goddess, apply these stitches to snitches who aint too careful for what they askin or wishing for...p.s. I HOPE Y'ALL got the message in her dawg FINALE... paw print!

Jamie Bond 
we go ballistic creating static's
be like bounce and uncling yo life
lack of harmony we causin strife
you be in stockins lookin like peter pan
we be rockin sockin yo mans and em

got 2 pens a piece aimed atcha
wit them shits up yo nostrils
you runnin your mouth like
my pen wont snatch out yo tonsils
can I get an amen and yo man
cuz that shit is gospel
leavin chipped paint
and dents in dey foreheads
we peel em caps back
like hood mechanics
we cant help that shit
we be poetic crack heads
body slam battle rhyming fanatics!

Manuel 'Finale' Allen 
Spray'em with your graffiti at point blank slang, handicap their hand writing, cripple their copying, murder their quotes than we burn'em while they're barely breathing and brain bleedin from reading run on sentences that flows like the magizines with a two hundred page clip of gifted& blessins...WHO SHOT'CHA???

Jamie Bond 
rally and gather tha masses
Finale is smooth
like molasses on yo asses
middle name oughtta warn you
curtain call in full effect

Finale makin words
appear distorted in yo mind
like a birth defect
we neva play fair
that's not in our DNA
if you a turkey
then its thanksgiving
dude you get served like soufflé

I'm not that bitch
I don't have an off switch
sell yo bullshit somewhere else
we throw dreams in tha fireplaces
I know thugs wit iphones they be
cyberbully wolves lurkin
and murkin ya in cyberspace

Manuel 'Finale' Allen 
They just selling wolf tickets, front row seats to no shows, slo ho's go fuck ya'self with dildo's, ya writing life might cum out better than ya sad ass bark with no bite attached, you soft as smoke, pufffff.... be gone b4 you're recognized beyond writers recognition, jane doe with a toe tag, your last message to the world worded in a dear john letter...That Bad Ass Sista Jaime Bond Did'cha! or she'll cut you n your pieces into pieces n feed'em to the fishes n watch'em shit you out in feces... Gabeech



he feels as though
JAMIE BOND is a mystery wants to know more about me
but I had to stop em in his tracks and tell em that
there’s ELEMENTS OF ME that only JODI knows
but you'll hear about them if you STAY IN THE KNOW

told em sometimes I shape shift with DIONNA as SHADOW LURKER
other times I got paper cuts like I AM WITTENINPAIN
I’m not ashamed to write out loud when my PENS IN PAIN
keep tha middle finger up most of the time but heyyy

there are days when I’m feeling empowered and geared up
when I’M REPPING BRICK CITY thinkin whos' that peepin thru my window
its an EZ TRIPLE THREAT while I’m feeling FABULOSITY
sitting ON LOVE SEAT GROUP WIT KING SHARK CHASE with some grapes

but then most times I think I’M UNMUTING MY INK
but if you want to know WHAT’S THA 411 then that’s
most times I be wit QUISE IN HIS NOTEBOOK or BLAZIN THA MIC with
but I’m a DOPE POET if you ask me check with BARBARA TRAWICK on that tho

I stay in BEAST MODE and just so you know its not a defense mechanism its survival mode
most times I act like a NILISTIC SOULDIER with the world on my shoulders
I got word play for days ask FINALE how OFF THE WALL POETRY can get
on WTF WEDNESDAYS my pen spurts in leaps of growth like your super locs  
I got this ink game on lock because I have a POETIC OLD SOUL
But don’t get too comfortable I’m one of THE 5 DEADLY VENOM'S
I'm Da CHAMP at this right here with my FLOWETIC FLO!

FLOWETIC JUSTICE bleeds more words than me
their sounds easily soothe the beast in me
or JOSKI who can bring out the freak in me
MURDER INK we kill ya no questions asked
and you see me wit TAMMY but I haven’t seen

I SCRIBE during the day but with MANGUS KHAN I SCRIBE AFTER DARK too
While listening to the WORDS OF WILLIAM
making me want to do cartwheels and go play with MOLLY in tha park
sometimes I hide in my intricate moments of chaos tree house
then inhale phrases as I BREATHE THRU PAPER
only when my sheets are no less than 800 I scribe on Egyptian cotton

I can be seen verbally painting pictures at THE ARTISTS LOUNGE with my pen
MY VERBAL INK needs beast mode and meat tho as a MIDDAY FIX
gimme croutons and Italian style ink dressing
and all the salad bar fixings in BAD BOYS KITCHEN

I spyt ORIGINAL POETRY AFTER DARK gimme snaps claps and DAPS
my pen my pad is CHYNA BLUE I’m easily approachable
but still an UNWRITTEN LADY EXCLUSIVE I’m a concrete poetess
I’m an INFINITE POET that doesn’t fit in Sci-Fi genres
I can’t live in subliminal

so sometimes I just SPEAK YO PIECE on RE-VERSE wit ANDY
I SPEAK EASY WITH NYLA AND Q about any penned issues
you get advice and homework there
picture prompts and assignments
free-writes and pay homage and sometimes ...

sometimes I don’t ever post
I still like the inbox of most of you folks
and I drop it in there; simply smile like I just wrote a love letter   
that the TAMMY JONES 30/30 snippet I’ll be doin it for a long time
hoping someday PLANTED DAISIES can help me CAPTURE MOMENTS
This is why I CRY OUT with my VERSES because GODSENT
THE WATCHER OF 13 to look over me  
that’s how LYFE IS… TODD SMITH can attest to that
these EVERYDAY STORIES I’m sure you heard of them before tho
I’ll be happy to tell you all about it On IBJB TV
meet me on the island of ST. CLINTON I’m a SPACE POET by heart
I’m a MADD WRITAH google plus me if you don’t believe it!