Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quiet Motorcycle ~~ A Joe DaVerbal Minddancer & Jamie Bond Collab


Quiet Motorcycle

Sitting here thinking about so many things
It gives me a pure headache
Although I'm not sure what hurts
More my head for thinking and not being able to forget
Or my heart for feeling the pain….
How can I know the signs to look for
So that I won’t be hurt again?
How could I be warned about being deceived?
Unless I trust again
I’ll be fooled over and over….
It occurs to me that trust comes with deceit
So shall I never trust again
Never trust you again
Or just go be by myself somewhere
So many things I want to do in life
So many things and places I want to see in my life
You’re holding me down holding me back
Killing me slowly making me so sad
Love means nothing to me with and for you….
I can’t even hate you…I just want closure…
Need to be as far away from you as possible~
That’s the only time I can breadth easy, sleep soundly, be me…
Its one of the few times I feel I can be at peace
I can’t forgive ~ I can’t even begin matter of fact I know
I will never forget…..


I'll not be the one to hold you back.
I've told you time and time again
Only you control that.
You want to get away? Don't place that hindrance on me
You could've picked anytime to be free...
You want closure..
Well close your mouth.
Can I get a word in edge wise..
Before you pack up and head south. east west north.
Your choice.
The distance by your admittance.
Will breathe new life in you...
Since I'm the cause of all this strife in you..
Maybe I saw a wife in you?
So your running is there no fight in you?..
I was wrong it's true..
I'm not claiming That's what Men do..
No excuses I'll own up to...everything I've done..
Not excluding you..Your not faultless ...
This is not a tit for tat..
You’re coming off as if it's just me
Those aren't the facts...The fact is ..It doesn't matter...
Where’s your things I'll help you gather!...
Bus fare, plane ticket.
How ever you travel...I won't forget either
How this whole thing unraveled

~~ Joe DaVerbal Minddancer

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