Sunday, August 19, 2012

Collateral Damage~~ LION HEART & JAMIE BOND

I'm virtually virtuous for the sake of us for no reasonable reason I belong to no one answer me myself & I and God of course... Feeling as if my day of judgment will consist of fist pumping arguments when I stand before my maker and say... You PUT ME in Brick City YOU knew ME, knew my heart of hearts and my caustic temperament the inner rage of my trigger finger temper tantrums when not on paper I let those around me see what they wanted to see I left the judging to you and nudged em to be who they'll be .... My works never done get the blood off of me at all cost just hand me my wings hold off on the hot sauce......
~~ Jamie Bond

The world fucked my feelings now the song of my heart is chopped and screwed likes it carbon copy God took from a gray tape crossing me is a mistake threw me in the jungle with no escape now you mad cause I'm ripping shit beast-mode going ape never beware but animal I seem to be and the darkness that lies beneath they say the devil's in the detail so when you lames spit that slick shit I fight the urge to pay you close attention I imagine being a monster coming face to face with God and him telling me to remove my facade being a monstrosity for so long it feels like it's stapled and super glued on but on the real to reach heaven is what I yearn so I'm praying for the wings but preparing for the burn
— with Delvin Maximus Thomas

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