Sunday, August 19, 2012

What am I chopped liver? ~~ A King DangerousInc Judah and Jamie Bond collab

What am I chopped liver?


You treat me so bad emotionally
Although you make my body quiver totally
As much as I want to kick start
This thing we got going
You’re not aggressive enough
You’re almost too easy going
You’re not ready for me yet,
I think I scare you
I’m too much woman for you
Constantly daring you
You need to muster up some courage
Just to deal with me
It’s as if without a drink
You can not perform sexually
What’s up with those stares
And glances you be giving me?
Why are you being so scary
And running away from me?
I can’t play the game too much longer
The less that I have you I feel stronger
You’re blindsided and don’t realize
I’m weaning myself off of you
My shit is about to switch up
And change up on you real soon
Like it or not I’m about to make it official
And be done wit you…
Yes I will miss you but you’re not the one
I gotta stop and quit while I’m ahead
While its still funJust kiss me goodbye deeply
And don’t worry about it
It was good while it lasted,
That’s what I shouted before I finished it!

King Judah

You think I am weak?????
because I don't go aside your head
maybe I should call you out your name
and treat you like a trick instead
But baby I am a strong solid man
from genes that goes back to slavery
when real men took care of their woman
and knew how to take a stand
I don't need to push up to you
I want you to stand next to me
Chop Liver Baby? are you for real
get out those ghetto thoughts
I stand before you as a grown ass man
giving up my outstretched hand
I have my own unique style to approach
but you are not going to smack me down
do I look like some nasty ass roach
but I come to you with a special hope
Do you want real love or not
I am not a pebble but a secure ROCK
I am not jello or pudding baby
I am very rare and hardly on stock
You are not chop liver at all
but a woman to really to behold
I am coming to you as a gentlemen
trying to treat you like a real ass woman

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