Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unethical behavior ~~~ A Chris Cef Madde Ferguson and Jamie Bond COLLAB


Unethical behavior

Women always feel like
They need to take it personal when a man cheats
They feel as if it’s the ultimate betrayal....
They feel used and confused like love was the truth
When they really had no right to put such high stakes on life

Men are opportunist they cheat cuz they can
Has nothing to do with love
Getting a piece on the side is just that!!
They usually just wanna try something new
It’s really got nothing to do with you

Only fault men have....
They want their woman to be unused

Men your eyes are too big
Because if labels are turned
You’d be out of the door in a flash
Yall want a woman to put up with your stuff
That you won’t put up with from us
But yall better understand one thing
Eventually we will call your bluff… real talk…. ~~ IBJB

...As Men we tend to seek valor...
I guess as a whole is what both genders quest after
really not knowing the aftermath caused by our own "natural disasters”,
We tend to cheat because women don't repeat or keep shit fresh;
Things just aren't the same in like the days when you first met
We get persuaded by "cootie kat" curiosity compliments
And we lose sight and tend to forget…
On the other hand; a woman don't condone loneliness;
That’s just part of human nature...
Woman need to be held & told that they're beautiful
Even on their worse days
Confiding in compliments and the lack of time being spent
Tends to make them wonder astray....real shit!! ~C.E.F.-MADDE
Chris Cef Madde Ferguson / Jamie Bond :)

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