Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unevenly Yoked ~~ Alfreda Ghee (Alfreda Freddie Ghee) and Jamie Bond COLLAB

an Alfreda and Jamie collab

Unevenly Yoked

Jamie Bond
I never should have been your trophy
It’s like you won me and now I collect dust
I was a challenge for you like a firecracker
And to have me was a must

I apologize now especially to you
Because I allowed you to compromise my ways
I permitted my spirit to be molded however you saw fit
Thinking I could do the same
Yet never interested in changing you

I’ve always enjoyed the simpler things in life
Like nature, long walks and rides on the bike
You never did enjoy them and I knew it from the start
I knew from even way then that it wasn’t right

At that particular time you met me my guard was down
And being without someone was so hard then
Everyone close to me was gone I was alone
Conveniently you came along and took the role of my friend

I should’ve known from the start that we wouldn’t work out
There was so much that annoyed me about you
My biggest mistake was pushing you in the first place
I thought I could overlook or change it but it’s not true
I loved things about you but not what you stood for
I never loved you as a whole
My heart feels as if it’s in a deep black hole
It’s safe from you now unlike before


 Alfreda Ghee

I should have been the love of your life
But instead , you laid me like a mat and walked all over me
I was the golden egg
That you showed off when ever you pleased
I see you for who you are
This will never e the same game again
Surely I have learned
That your disdain
I was only to blame
Conversations were never long
Two words from you
Were like the wind blowing in the dessert
Just a whisper of affection that's all I was expecting
Lost and confused in a daze for days
Not sure if I would come out of this state
Dreaming I thought I was
Like a bright light you entered into my realm
You having that smile took my heart
I wish I could have predicted the future
So I could have removed you from my sight
Torn down to the ground from your selfish plight
I loved you with all I had
My soul ached
My spirit wondered off
My heart went into the deepest corners to get away from you
And now... and now
I am completely off of your shelf....

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