Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whole Half of a Plate A Rosalind Cherry AND Jamie Bond COLLAB [:)]


Whole Half of a Plate

I love you

Three little words with so much meaning to them
The words that are turning my whole world upside-down
If I say them too soon and you don’t feel the same
It would just break my heart

You’re not like the others

I love that you’re so different
I’m almost sure that you love me
I see it in the way you stare at me
I feel it in your touches

The way you smile when you make me laugh
No one else seems to get our sense of humor…
I know you care but I need to hear you say it
I wish you’d take that chance what’s holding you back?

Making the first move isn’t easy….
~~ Jamie Bond


I love you too
For some three words means a life time while others
Have a fear when I with you it is as if the world is
Upside down I get This special feeling when I think of you
You just know me you get me as I feel the same way to
You are not like any other Men that came
Into my life, I had a sense of direction when I
With you there is no place I rather be
I love the way you look into my eyes
When you touch me I feel good all over
When you smile I smile too
If you call I right there to be with you
I know deep within your heart you are
The one for me so what is left to say
Are you ready? even When you say I love you
Making the first move isn't easy...
~~ Rosalind Cherry

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