Sunday, August 19, 2012

A M9dbodisol & Jamie Bond Collab ☜♥☞ º☜(The Slow Drag...)☞ º☜♥☞. ◄ rewind ► play ▌▌pause ►► fast forward

A M9dbodisol & Jamie Bond Collab

☜♥☞ º☜(The Slow Drag...)☞ º☜♥☞.

◄ rewind ► play ▌▌pause ►► fast forward

Voyeuristically, I watch
as their emotions sashay
as they sway
coupled in a universe
that collides in a momentary time
pausing to expose intimacy that displays
breathing forever into the minute hands of the clock
sensuality bellows from the jukebox

intently watch
and they dance
as if the night belonged to them
to the passion
that usually remains hidden
behind closed doors where the world
Can’t disturb them
two lovers communicate without words,

Completely smitten
I watch
as he inhales her
her mentally
stroking her mind & rhythmically
leading her body
intoxicated by the proximity
of his heartbeat
she submits herself
with both eyes closed
in his embrace emotionally folded
into his existence
into the space
in time
where their hearts first met

his Jupiter pushed
into her Earth
and cosmically
Her destiny into a euphoria of orgasmic
a slight shiver erupts from her soul
as he holds her
slow rolling hips wind to his tempo
turning and twisting
under complete control
of mutual desire inside
longing that won't wait
and refuses to hide
tracing her silhouette
with his fingertips
her eyelashes meet as his neck
against her lips

The scent of
sandalwood and cinnamon sprigs
she breathes his love
in musical increments that spin
as the lovers spoon and sway
in the heat of footsteps
that dance the world away

~~Michelle (¯`'·.¸(♥)¸.·'´¯)

The Slow Drag...

from across the room unwavering eye contact is made
she feels him pull at her heart as their souls connect
something inside of her implodes and shakes
like his touch could become the pin of a hand grenade

she prances past him to see if he'll notice
he's smitten with her a moments notice
his hypnotized eyes lets her know this

in a crowed room they feel alone
in a sensual slow drag on the dance floor
he leads and she willingly follows
she clings to him as if
she's his flesh form of a shadow
the air held a scent
of warm vanilla and orchards
their eyes speak a language not yet decoded

he holds her and molds her
she leans into his shoulder
their silhouettes knees
hypnotically crawling
in and out of each others'
his heart races to a pace
with trey songs Jupiter love beat
the multi colored flex in her eyes
expand and caramelize

any excuse to touch her has entered his mind
as he revels over her form as they gracefully grind
she bypasses his waist  her eyes savor the taste of his face
as she slowly grinds and dips her hips
she slowly makes her way to the outside
of where his pockets lays
thinking ummm yesss!
She could dirty dance for days

the Red Cafe is celebrating her birthday today
but she's anxious to begin to start unwrapping him
starting with his chest that she uses as a pillow
the beat of his heart this 25th of November
is something she will forever remember

sinking into him she glides
like she's on cloud nine in his arms and she is....
The Sagittarian is enchanted by the Virgo
hearts racing tempted by the ambiance created
she longs for so much more in the heat of passion
desire to open every sense in the body

She twirls around
So they slow drag in a spooning motion
chest to back instead of face to face
with his tongue and lips  he lightly traces
Her neck  inhaling her scent
So he'll never forget the desire is almost too much to bare
she wants and needs much more when the song stops
her panties cascade to the floor
and he scoops her up and goes towards the door
he's the best unexpected birthday present
that she could ask for

dim lights and Barry White
mesmerized with no choice
she's swaying to the
sensual tone of his voice
Remy and her mystery lover
a match made in heaven
a love that in time will only strengthen

she whispers in his mouth
with her he swaps his gum
she's got thoughts on where they could go
he's got ideas on how many ways to make her cum

~~Jamie (¯`'·.¸(♥)¸.·'´¯)

   :)  Sagittarius 11/25 :)



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