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DEAR ASK AL; AN Albert Carrasco (Infinitethe Poet) & Jamie Bond Collab

 DEAR ASK AL; AN Albert Carrasco (Infinitethe Poet) & Jamie Bond Collab


I found your website and because it said I could text you
I read all the advice and felt like I could trust you
I have an urgent question I’m hoping it’ll get to you fast
cuz I’m kind of pressed for an answer so I’m sending it to ask AL
Ya see Mr. AL, all my friends want me to join their group
But I’m not scared to its just that I’m afraid not to
You see; they make examples out girls in my school
Intolerant to those who say NO
They ostracize and ridicule them
And make em take turns having sex with the boys
And then turn around get branded as their whores
They jump em as an initiation
They snatch em bald-headed and cut faces
They use utility knives to carve initials in their foreheads
AL I’m trapped
I don’t wanna be on either side of the fence
And they’re making me feel very defensive
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. School isn’t fun for me no more
I’m hoping you can advise me cuz I only see one door
Please hurry with a viable response I got 24 hours to act
And this letter right here is minus 4 hours for reaction

BAB aka Barely a Bully

Hello BAB, this is Al responding to your text, I thank you for reaching out with your situation that's seems to be very complexed. You say your "friends want you to join a group" , Are they really friends? A group of people who will cut you, beat you, offer you as a sex slave. To me this doesn't sound like sister society. Do you really wish to flock with thee? How would you even consider to be a part of a troupe that if you wish to remain neutral they'll carve your face like its a gourmet dish? I understand your not scared but being smart doesn't make you a coward. I suggest you leave those so called friends alone. Explain to your mom your dad your guidance counselor about the situation, maybe you can get transferred to another school zone, Violence is something we can never condone. Look, you can't eat or sleep just thinking about what others think of you. You haven't even joined and these so called friends are already ruining home... Thats not cool!!!! Let's get you out that school!

Hey AL
I ain’t gotta lotta time homey
I’d ask my brother for advice but he’s 6 feet deep with his homeys
Yo my mom cries all the time more so since my dad got locked up
He went ape shit on the dude that knocked my lil sister up
So now I’m watching mom dukes struggle all the time
And some friends of mine approached me they told me
I could make some quick cash m dimes
Said they got a corner I could post up in
Said they moved up the ladder bout to be sellin crack and heroine
Said I could help my mom and my lil sis
Said it was easy I'm underage so the state pen won’t see me
And since I’m only 15 I’m too young to get a job
So even tho I know it’s wrong what other options do I got?
Hit me back dude, I’m like a tiger in a cage
I’m feeling helpless watching my mom slowly fade
I got no one to ask but a dude like you who knows these streets
So you gotta do and come thru for me man…
Dammn I wish my big bro or pops were around for me….

PDR aka Potential Drug Runner

Hello PDR! This is Al and I'm so glad I went through your text so I can explain what's going to happen next. Your brother's dead, your dads in jail, mommas hurting. I know that's hard for consumption but nickel and dimming is a recipe for destruction, if you let them throw you in the fire, it's 99% chances of you going through spontaneous combustion. I've been there. I lived vile, I was so lucky to be a part of the escaping one percentile. I went from nothing to something then back to nothing after I lost it all. You Think momma hurts? you would have to see the same painful face I placed on my momma when I walked out the door. I've been shot before! So momma looked at me leaving as if I wasn't coming back no more. Do you wish the same for you and the one you adore? Do you wish to die before dad gets released from the inside? Your only fifteen your not supposed to work. your job is stand by your mother, tell her you love her and that you understand her worth. Believe me shell rather have you by her side broke at these times, than to have the one she birthed six feet in the earth.


I’m praying you can help me cuz I’m a little perplexed
This son of mine I love him but his actions keep me vexed
He doesn’t want to go to school; he hangs out with his friends
He’s acting shady like maybe he’s out getting high with them
I noticed he’s got outfits that I didn’t purchase
his explanation is his girlfriend got em for him
but neither of them are working
I have not enough time to spend with him
As a Single father I feel guilty for working
Dammn… I feel like I’m failing him
He used to talk to me,
Used to go to church with the family
He’s proclaiming he’s grown but it seems more like infancy
Now all he does is eat, sleep and run out the house on me
I asked him if he’s doing drugs or selling them he says no
But at his age AL how is a parent to know?
I’m sending you this these questions man to man
Hoping you might have a few suggestions to get him on the right path
AL, I know you been there, I realize kids feel invincible
But please tell me that almost dying isnt the only thing to pull you thru
I have REAL bills to pay, real responsibilities
Which might I add include having his back
How can I get him back on the right track?
AL how can I get my mini me; MY young man of the house back?
My income strapped, time and resources are kind of tapped
The newest thing is he’s skipping nights he comes back in the house
I remember when I was that age but he’s beyond disrespectful
He’s quick tempered with everyone and with chores acting forgetful
I just want for him what I didn’t have for myself
A stable income, education and opportunity for growth…
Biggest concern is him and the influence he’ll have on the other children
If I don’t get this resolved quickly it’s going to be a continuous issue
I refuse to let him go, I will not let the streets have him
But you know how that is AL… I feel like I’m fighting backwards
Man I hope you can enlighten me on what to look for and do
But if you can’t just let me know you got this message dude.

SF3 =Single father of 3

Hello SF3 I'm so glad you took time to contact me! It seems you need help in a hurry! what you have written made it seem like you was telling my story from my dads perspective... if he would of been alive. I know as you wrote it a tear dropped from your eyes, after watching how the street magnetize young lives. In this case it's your own blood, the seed you planted nourished and love. I think it's safe for me to say yes he is getting high, eat then sleep, that's a "munchie" sign. The new clothes that you didn't buy but he wears is another sign SF3 your boy is "out there" hand to handing like a mime. Actions have to be swift and sharp, like relocating for a new start. If he continues to see street revenue he will never leave it alone especially seeing you barely holding down home. Him being a nuisance is definitely a bad influence to your two other children, the difference is I stood away from my 4 siblings, I usually walked in and left while everyone was still sleeping. He's becoming a product of his environment. Leave fast even if that's loosing your job and living in a shelter, when you get back on your feet you'll realize you made the best decision, you'll have your son, your kids will have their brother, instead of that phone call.. Hello mr SF3 junior is deceased he had trauma to the head... a fatal injury

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