Sunday, August 19, 2012

We Melt Monitors ~~ feat MizzFab Leslie Fab and Jamie Bond

We Melt Monitors ~~ feat MizzFab Leslie Fab and Jamie Bond

we melt monitors wit our pens
no use backin up your files
we maniacal,we'll do it again
we can go on ,got flow for miles
no matchsticks, we aint ladies
we tough chicks we use flame throwers
watch you all cry like babies
virus in your head ,now your mind runs slower
save me, jamie b. and mizz fab gone crazy
ya we make ears melt like wax
we determined, don't know the word lazy
ya we busy ,no time to relax
lyrically we got a whole stash of weapons
so please watch your step ,you'll set off the land mines
you'd betta run for cover when our pen beckons
now you a p.o.w (prisoner of words)stuck in our confines

~~Mizz Fab

our mouth is so hot
we melt monitors
when me and fab got it
we blow flames thru harmonicas
we got a tune so high pitched
we break plexi glass
we got pens so sick
they wear a sars mask!

our pens never sleep
we dip our ink in no dose
and we write between white lines
that go up yall nose!

our pens are like scalpels
our pens are like a bull doze
our pens are so grandiose
its got its own area code
90210 melrose zip-code

We melt monitors
And short circuit keyboards
We scare monsters
Whenever we are bored
Jamie and Fab spilling ink from our quills
you'll be thinking its from the gulf oil spill
we thaw out jaws and then deep freeze
then we melt monitors like grilled cheese


yes grilled cheese mixed wit some draino
we plumbers come to unplug your drain yo
words hallucinating like mushrooms,mario
attackin you with the secret stealth flow
disappear like chesire cats,like where'd we go
no you won't find us, where's waldo
we arsons bout to blow up your mac pc
like candy from a baby ,this shit too easy
pour some kerosene and run
you'll go blind before we done
cause we melt monitors ,best believe
that's no joke leave you high off our flow,
leave yu in clouds of smoke we're so hot ,
we got fire comin out our pen we won't stop ,
atack you again and again
knockouts me and jamie put dead poets to bed
no use complainin now we trapped in your head

~~Mizz Fab

our thoughts are laser etched upon CD's
Yours hmmmm well let me see
It’s more like 8 track tapes and cassettes
You’re a fraction of a payment
While we write out and sign checks
Watch our work in amazement
As we handle the national debt

Their thoughts are so murky
the pages stink
But our dirty pens refillable cartridge
Has antibacterial ink

our pens are so addictive
they all need to get it
we be stabbin hos in the neck
like its a free h1n1 flu shot clinic
We melt monitors dayum!!
We be feelin like a janitor
Cuz Fabb and me
constantly moppin up
their sloppy ink
we’ll have these bitches thinking
we’re a swiffer-wet jet
Have em wondering
if it was live or Memorex


lyrics hit like battery acid spill
we don't just injure we lyricaly kill
destroy bitches like arnold, ya i'll be back
hope you got xanax,we cause panic attacks
me and jamie we silent, we hide out
when we do business its lights out
we ninja's and you about to be chop suey
so much swagga bitches wanna sue me
dust off the straight jackets cause you bout to be 5150
listen are you def ,WE MELT MONITORS SWIFTLY
it's like if we filled your mouth with lava ashes
while pouring salt on your deepest gashes
we make hit list and then check em twice
we don't give a shit if you ,naughty or nice
we will find you , this aint no hide and seek
so best advice is that you listen when we speak
cause we drop truth bombs that errupt in your ears
ya we lyrically homicidal,always playin off your fears
we go for days no one can out run us chicks
ya we stay fully loaded carryin lethal bics
fingers trip wires , explode in your face
we aint even begun as we pick up the pace

~~ mizz fab

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