Sunday, August 19, 2012

A MURDER INK ~~ Bad Boy #1 & Jamie "JB" Bond Collab

Testing JB and me is a bad habit.
It’s ur soul we stole, no u can’t have it back silly wabbit.
(Welcome to the dark side.)
U envy this
won’t stop for shit.
got stock in Bic so we can’t quit.
Samurai’s my style I, spit it better than Bruce Lee kick it.
Hammer can’t touch this; I’m the og Funky Head Hunter.
I’m the go getter, u the runner.
JB and me be MWPs, Most Wanted Pens
like enemas u get urs in the end.
Don’t have to get ready we, stay ready.
Hands on bics like addicts suckin’ dicks.
Fuck the joker, wait til they get a load of me.
I’m two-face, Bad Boy 1-EL-OH-VEE-E.

You’re in, a no win situation
we fuckin’ u all like double penetration
damaging guts with the thrust of my pen-erection.
(check 1 check 2) My pen writes nice.
Tricks are for kids, but this
this aint no game
like a switch blade, this bic was custom made for my hand.
How, dare u touch the Holy Grail
try to share in the glare
my shine’s too bright
gots to wear my sunglasses at night.
Imma narcissistic bitch wit dis shit.
Like Tony, I’m gr-r-reat at this.
Now, Nip/Tuck ya tail and run on home.
U can’t beat me with a wish,
The Bic Specialist

you hear the echoes in a tunnel
tellin you to follow tha light
watch out its a scribe trap
welcome to the dark side
when all you got is a hammer
then everything is nail
on tha DL
JB and DL are like tha hammers of hell
I aint gotta lay my hands on you
that's what tha guns are for
besides DL already knows
I don't wanna mess my nails up over yall
but for the record...
I need ya to stop and think
why my nail polish is INK
see I don't know whatcha thinkin
we leave bodies floatin fish feedin
and stickin in tha back of Lincolns
you the small lies to a tall tale
chasin your tails and ya still failed
you lookin pale
our verbs be like seltzer burns
but taste like ginger ale
bottled up and bottoms up
we don't give a flyin fuck
we got brass knuckles tatted
on our hands prepared to tear shit up
walls full of trophies and plaques
we scribe headaches and heart attacks
on your necks chest and backs
you don't want none of that
far from a come back this a call back
call tha cops if you want and we'll have you
twisted up like a glad bag strung up in knots
have you inked up and smoothed out like a back drop
IBJB that's me the poetic supremacist
but can refer to us as the BIC SPECIALIST

(c) 2012
Jamie "JB" Bond & Bad Boy #1
Murder Ink

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