Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tales from a Facebook Outcast- A JAMIE and JUSTICE COLLAB


Tales from a Facebook Outcast- A JAMIE and JUSTICE COLLAB

I suppose this is an important time in my life
And I realize that I may not always be right
But sometimes I wish you could completely understand me
But I guess my wish for you would be too easy
Perhaps I am more complicated than I thought
Maybe you tried to find out but it was I who fought
Once in awhile I wish you’d feel incomplete like me
At least identify with me but you’ll not know if you see

You’ll never know because you’ve chosen not to ask
And I’ll forever carry that burden till the very last
I wish I could write positive emotions and feelings
But only negativity comes from me as I'm releasing

I journey on my own with no idea of direction half the time
And all I know is that when I write it usually will rhyme
My heart always feels so empty aware of the love I yearn for
Still I barely confront those monsters behind the scary doors

Nothing can be worse I say
It gets harder for me everyday

There is no mold made for me
No hammer to strike the cast and set me free
I was born form a place of love and understanding
At time when life was not so demanding
And walked with the smile of the innocent child
Never glancing over my shoulder
for those who wandering in the wild
Stuck drifting on the river of African fame
when slurred in name is called Denial

My fever raged in me as those struck me from behind
Cursed for my size and hated for my mind
Where does it all end tell me do you know
Or is it destined to always be so
Friends Romans countrymen are there ears here for lending
Love torn stitches in the heart of man need mending
Something more real than casual friending
The path of the chosen few that seeks a new ending
I am not a quitter and therefore I am not bitter
For all the wealth we possess is of the spirit that glitters
So put that on your twitter and spray it on your wall
For the most important words said sometimes
are the ones not spoken at all

I can still recall the dark days before I found the pen
When the rivers sought to drown me from my pain within
Tears came like the a storm and I was never warm
until the naive soul vanished and the humble poet was born
I seek the foothold firm that place in the now
I seek not to just be that face in the crowd
To find the one that is like me that can excite me
The one who knows the ways of the page and can write me
No longer labeled as the misfit of society
And into that good night I shall not go quietly
For the mind that dances shall always be on the move
With messages inspire desire and well as to sooth
I have nothing more left to prove
And will always have access to the mental tools I use

And if I am destined to stand alone than so be it
For my wisdom is not hidden to those who can see it
And let it soar on the winds of my own recognition
This is my sacred mission
So others too who have felt this way
Will know they are not alone this day
And may drink deeply for the forbidden well of acceptance
Free themselves from this misfortunate sentence
And know now that the hour of solitude has finally passed
Sincerely Flowetic Justice formerly known as
The Facebook  Outcast

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