Sunday, August 19, 2012

what happened to love? A Delvin Maximus Thomas and Jamie Bond COLLAB

I often wonder what happened to our communities
to days before David’s bridal when a dress would be created
cobblers, seamstresses, locksmiths and street mechanics
these became obsolete trades in a matter of decades

town meetings, neighborhood watch and community block parties
the entire school being there in one spot for a house or birthday party
we got along or we didn't we fought with our hands
respected our elders and gave helping hands

we voted, churches open 24 hours a day around our way
we could care less about race, gender or sex or if you were gay
all we wanted to know was if you could come out to play all day

somehow the simplicity was too complicated for most
we began to hustle backwards and leave our posts
no one saw anything yet everyone minded your business as a hobby
the concerned were replaced by drama filled busy body lobbyists
sensationalism and red carpet Hollywood nonsense
politics and unseen activities of the government
all of this replaced what used to be back in tha day

our needs got steeper and in debt we got deeper
no longer able to separate wants from needs either
more hours for less money always needing something
we worked our fingers to the bone and still had nothing

this generation has accumulated what you call paid time off
it has encapsulated all we generated with no grandfather clause
not to mention we worked harder and stopped paying attention
the cost of living will be the death of me and its not even being discrete
we cant afford getaways vacations are obsolete
we cash out and work thru everything putting our needs at our feet

(what happened to love)

love is still there its common sense and unity that are missing
everyone out for themselves and the human humanitarians are missing
but we miss them so we look for em call em out when tha chance affords us
unfortunately according to the law we can put em on an amber alert
so the inner tears an outward cries get subsidized
by the governments experimental lies!
we've gotten too busy to relate to the new truth that lies....

Do you ever stop to think,
Where would we be,
If we realized
Who our true enemy was,
Living in a tainted
Lazy society
Built on selfish lies
And blind trust
Where you would strike down
Your own brother
To attain his tangible status
While you bend over
For this government
Let it beat you down
While you still manage to moan
Uncle Sam’s little whore
Is this life not hard enough
With Segregation and depression
The mental molestation
Of this feeble minded nation
Our entire life
Has been lived in a recession
We don’t have voice
Because everybody wanna talk
Be seen and be heard
Consistently running of at mouth

Government leaders and terrorist
Having minaj tois
On taxpayers dimes
Being force fed lies
And all yo dumb ass can say
Is Mmmmmmm delicious
This world is killing us
Like fish in a barrel
Because we choose to live like crabs
What happen to the pride we once held in ourselves
Helping our people that has fallen
Their missiles will have no names
Their destruction
Will know nothing of
Race gender or age
When it comes
This man-made Grim reaper
It will come for us all
“We must learn to live together as brothers,
Or we will perish together as fools”
Dr. Martin Luther King

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