Sunday, August 19, 2012

alimony = ALL THA MONEY ~~ Todd Smith (Thelyfepoet) & Jamie Bond Collab


then from your paycheck comes plenty non-amicable alimony
unless you are still amiable
but no longer to each other amenable
they need to call it calamity-mony
never to be seen again money
Mr. judge, I cant do that cause I practice parsimony
you mean I gotta slide some money to her, I’d rather contribute patrimony

this is gory
aint no allegory
taking all my dollar bill glory
reducing my potential savings inventory
are those kids mine, is it to late to go on Maury

I want my money back
since we no longer sharing the same sack
I can't even afford a whopper or a big Mac

her attorney compared to mine was more shrewd and pragmatic
to make our love work I should have been more dogmatic
a bedroom room acrobatic
making her body feel ecstatic
not enigmatic
causing trouble laced with static
thoughts of us being together forever were automatic
I guess I overrated my cinematic charismatic

I wasn't out there
and eating
and meeting
and greeting
and misleading
but I should have done more
to keep the romance from bleeding
and being defeating

gonna be a stand up person and mention
that I should have given our love more attention
instead of letting it drift away causing derision division
that lead to the judge's final decision

for it was me you quit..
we are no longer are a top ten hit...
you still getting my money to pay for your benefits...

you mean I gotta pay you 2 leave it alone..
I can use dat $$$ to make other sweeties moan...
any1, how about a non-repayment of a 200k loan
b4 I go out and get stoned
love turned from right to wrong
and from my castle was I dethroned
can't even touch that naked hipbone
now, even the dog looks at me like I'm unknown

JT was right, it's cheaper to kill her
I meant cheaper to keep her
where is the white out when one needs it
these alimony pays are causing my wallet a fit

whether you were out there or not to play
and demonstrating your skills of unskilled foreplay
or trying to lay
use lay-a-way to lay some of your pay away
to make sure I gets my money every payday



you aint gotta love me but you need to pay up chuck
I been stressed due to all this mess you got the whole family hemmed up
nah; you aint gotta like me but you need to get with that direct deposit
I want the house, the kids the car, the dog the backyard and the walk in closet
now I know you swoll about how things went down but it aint my fault
you were the one tryna re live your youth don't be mad cuz you got caught

I'm gonna need my alimony matter of fact all the money I can get
I want child support and for you to pay for the health insurance
I'm gonna need those suits too cuz I paid for all of them
you can have that garbage bag full of sweat pants that's for divorced men!

I'm chuckling cuz you're walking around with a false sense of confidence
my lawyer is a pit-bull in lipstick call her PALIN
so I'll drop the kids off every other weekend
and you keep em till Monday morning while I'm with my new man
getting beach tans like Stella getting her groove back

the alimony is all you know about me have the check be on time and don't whine
I swabbed your cheek when you were asleep of course they are yours and mine
this divorce decree should give you a degree in playas gettin paid
cuz if they weren't yours which I wasn't sure of at first
I wouldda let it be an uncontested divorce

only difference right now its not who lied first but which one of got caught
but the matrimony to the money in your wallet gives me alimony to I'm old and gray
cuz I'll rock this man made pension plan for as long as I can
and never eva get remarried again


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