Sunday, August 19, 2012

Solitariness ~~ A Kelli Songbird Garden & Jamie Bond COLLAB

A Kelli Songbird Garden & Jamie Bond COLLAB


The hours to unhappiness
Have been a gradual one
Love not given back in full measure
I've retreated and will not give it either…

Responses were necessary, so vital…
But there were none
And now a protective coating emerges
Thin but with time and only time it can heal
But you keep messing with me, with my heart
Its not healing, scar tissue forms, resentment builds ~
Love is Lost! Wave goodbye…

Such a sad word
makes you cling to whatever you thought was necessary
Then one day; you know for both of you that it isn’t,
it couldn’t be enough~
The hours wasted! The time lost forever
All the shared things that could and should have meant so much more
have been diminished~

Leaving what? Hurt? Time wasted?
Love unfulfilled and then

Lies that rock the core and foundation of your being...
Desecrating and obliterating the armor of truth and trust...
Trust no longer there, leaving the remnants of love slowly seeping out and bare.
You’re masquerading and perpetrating an image of you for me to see.
Your spirit was not of my spirit, therefore demonstrating a reality of truth that we were truly never meant to be.
A distraction and dissatisfaction of a man you could never be...a man I fully see was never meant for me.
So, I move on with the memories of a love unrequited.
A love caught between the vortex of 3D fantasy and reality.
I'm living the reality of your twisted fantasy of what could have been...if only...
If only you could have understood and completely desired the fruit, heart and soul of my majestic womanhood ...
If only you would have valued, honored and respected the integrity of trust...the adulterated content of your unsavory character was clouded, so you soured truth with the complexity of Lies

~~ Kelli Songbird Garden

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