Sunday, August 19, 2012

Truthfully Lying ~~ A Venus Janel Harris and Jamie Bond COLLAB


Truthfully Lying
I never felt I wanted for much
But lately it seems I ask for more
And I try not to burden you
When you walk thru the door

Questioning myself
Wondering over and over again
If I’m being selfish
When I proclaim to be your friend?

Have I
Made the wrong choices
When I felt it was right
Have I
Misjudged my heart
By not becoming your wife?
I always thought
Things would work out
If I left them alone
Now looking back
I say, girl you know you’re dead wrong
I feel like I look
I’m not in touch with my true reality
Seems as though I can hear
But can’t listen clearly
Sadly enough
I can smell smoke
But can’t find the fire
This better be a joke
And you better not
Be lying!
~~ Jamie Bond
Truth is...
I've never felt this way before
It troubles me that you're having doubts
Baby what the hell is this all about
Taking risks is a lesson within itself
Don't be that would've, could've, should've
Going right when you need to go left
Leaving well enough alone
Sometimes I feel so gone
I would be lying if it didn't hurt as much
Missing you and your tender touch
Is this real or memorex
Still pondering on those text
My soul is crying within
We are lovers not just friends
Can't explain it
Nor trying to contain it
Our bond must not be broken
So please take this token
Go with your heart and you'll never go wrong
Stop listening to them with that same dayum song
It's written all over your face
Let's talk...anytime, anyplace
Just really need to resolve this
Because your love I do miss.....
~~ Venus Janel Harris

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