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2 HEADED BEAST!~an unauthorized collab by Qise "tha fuk outta here" notebook and Jamie "I WISH a muthaphuka would" Bond

2 HEADED BEAST!~an unauthorized collab by 
Qise "tha fuk outta here" notebook and 
Jamie "I WISH a muthaphuka would" Bond

an unauthorized collab
by Qise "tha fuk outta here" notebook
and Jamie "I WISH a muthaphuka would" Bond

Who in the hell left the gate open,
its feeding time and we're ready to feast,
more than a monster, this is a two-headed Beast...
Out for blood, I be that wolf in sheep's clothing and,
don’t act surprised cause, Jamie forewarned ya...
Microwave flow, I radiation core warm ya,
Two strikes of lightning, I’m the quiet before, she storms ya...

Ballpoints on one end, the other, sharpened to shanks so,
don’t get too friendly cause, its more lethal than you think...
No cage can hold us, we gnaw the bars off that bitch,
and fuck a chain link, eat the barb wire off that fence...

Go ahead and get decapitated,
there goes ya head, you're decapitated,
have ya neck squirting blood like that bitch was lactating...
See, we running wind sprints while your pen is jogging,
Fukkit, Imma let Jamie finish off the rest of your carcase.


Ahhh seee, now ya know I like my beef well done
I refuse to eat some shit that I already stepped on
Yo Quise not only will we leave em decapitated
we gonna have their ink spillage coagulating

and truth be told if I had a dick I’d be jockin myself
2 poets 1 paper we’re so dammn phenomenal
got that cut cha 2 tha white meat monstrous flow
we stay stifling they flows and mojos
they told us to behave we said hell to tha NO

free write PDF downloads we cheffin up regrets
we be like the loch ness monsters lockin down tha net
like twin Frankenstein’s with pens leaking out our necks
take my pens and stab em in tha head so they can think devilish
spank dey asses makin em go back in tha lab like poetry techs

I see you grew some but we’re still gruesome wit it
I see you still hiding behind your subliminal messages
Betcha punk ass wont say it to my face wit cha embellished bullshit
your nursery rhymes are seek and find and I’m a saduko bitch

Go ahead keep fuckin wit us actin like you can’t get touched
I’m a monster wit sweet tooth and kinda still don’t want cha
Welcome to the dungeon your welcome mat I’ll bludgeon
Have your tee splattered wit blood lookin like a half used tampon
Yo weak ass said you had a dope poem but tha dog you don’t own ate it
It’s a muthaphukin lie cuz tha insurance company clearly stated
It was a total wreck we caused pothole damage to ya paper

you pigeons are smitten wit our pens in tha paper play pen
you aint hard you lookin like sponge bob up against a fuckin Spartan
couldn’t hold me back from jumpin in yo ass if I swallowed a magnet
we’ll hog tie their maggot asses to tha back of a chariot and drag em
use my pen and stab you in the heart that you AINT got like a dagger
you in the lair of Quise ~the notebook beast ~ and the den of mic breathing dragon

we stay in that unapologetically relentless fuck yo feelings battle mode
so don’t get it fucked up chuck
WE BE LIKE Neanderthals playin stick ball wit cho ballz
tell ya what tho! Quise will twitter your murder as a trending topic
under #realtalk #thepoetrymovement #fuckouttahere and #tryharder
We’re cold hearted and uncouth toward tha artless
you better be able to back yo pen up pimpin’
or we cuttin your wrists off and mailing it back to ya mamma
I promise ya

~~ Jamie

So, have a deep convo with ya pen
and tell it to think before it speaks before,
it becomes what’s digested in the belly of this Beast...

We birth ability, while raising Kane,
we spit fire to your flickering ass flame,
This is Quise, no nickname and Jamie Bond ALL DAY...

I see you spittin your light colored hues and shit,
while me and J.B is straight black and bluing shit,
permanently bruising shit,
eatin wack ass poets like food and shit so,
stay tuned to the 10 o'clock news and shit...

No, this aint got shit to do with no slam,
unless its slammin ya face,
givin the pavement a fresh coat of skin,
and once you get me started,
its gon take my mama and your maker
to get me off your ass then...

And it’ll always be an unfair fight cause,
Jamie always blasts before the draw,
and the first line of weak shit to come out ya lips,
I’m breaking the fuckin glass in ya jaw...

You’ll do better tryin to separate us than tame us,
for the sake of us eatin ya ass alive..

Th'Fukk Outta here...
Befor I have Jamie snatch ya fukkin eyes out the sockets,
and play dice with them shits..

~Quise Williams

yall just don’t know….
mike tyson and Quise got tha same m.o.
you’re no challenge for him tho
notebook in hand he’ll knock yo ass out
in less than 3 mins only thing is
that he don’t get frustrated tho
Quise tha beast eats poets like you for breakfast
Tyson dumb ass be eatin EARiooos

fuk outta here
you see Quise in tha cut gettin heads sprung
he got defibrillators for pens shockin chest lungs
scribing anthrax inside of yo asthma pump

we’ll disrespect your whole conglomerate
and write on your pad like we was in drum line
Have your sneakers twist tied to an overpass
wit a banner of your pic as grammas make shift shrine

candles and artificial flowers for yo fake ass
be like yeah here goes another poet who tried
HE thought he could and WE wished he would
he was only a few blurred lines in a battle book

so we paid him some homage
murked em and sent his bastardized off spring to college
don’t worry we’ll raise tha lil faggot where you left off
gonna trick his lil ass out on tha main block
the only pops he knew was on a Kellogg’s box

tell em
here take this thermometer from outcha ass lil man
and put it around your neck real fast
call it a weather doppler muthaphucka
it’s a storm indicator for
Jamie hurricanes and Quise tornado's
and if you see it hit 90 then its too hot for ya
just like like right now

cuz our words can make a thermos boil
you simmer and sauté and we stay on broil
everything about today is gaping ink oil on gravel
deep fry your dreadlocks till yo thoughts unravel
month to month or lips to chops we stay choppin it up
its dirty jerz rockin out wit tha grimy south

We spyt poisonous truth serum into flu shots
you betta get vaccinated while we on vacation cuz we aint playin
Jamie and Quise in the same place oh best believe thaat …
that shit is a state of emergency
a muthafuckin hide yo men women and babies
type of world wide evacuation

real talk ya couldn’t hold me back even if I were a ghost
I got teeth stronger than galvanized steel posts
I got yo mans’ bitch ass covering his mouth
Quise gotcha girl holdin balls she aint even got
Jodi in beast mode put cho ass in tha know
be like gooddddd dayyuummmn homey
you got knocked tha fuck ouuttttttttt

Quise just mushed ya punk ass in tha face
talkin bout Get tha fuk outta here!! Haha


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