Sunday, August 19, 2012

We sat and we considered ~~ Just Bill & Jamie Bond Collab

We sat and we considered

( bill)

we sat and we considered
what should we write about
Jamie and i

you see, we are not only Poets
but people
attempting to build steeples
where we may ring the bell
and awaken your understanding

it is not that we are demanding
you pay attention
that is your choice
and this is our voice
that we use
to speak about
our own fears
our own loves
our own concerns
our own doubts

sometimes we are quiet
some times we incite spiritual riots
moving souls
moving minds
to find their own way
to say what they have to say

and sometime we shout about
things we think others should perhaps consider

so what up Jamie
what do you have to say today
i think i need to pay attention
and let you speak on it
and mention
what’s on your mind


Bill and I
We talk all the time
Our candid Conversations
Become freestyle sessions
About the bullshit and nonsense
We’re getting fat eating popcorn
While sitting on the sideline
Waiting with bated breath
For them to say something moving
But we’re still here unmoved

Like I dunno
We SEE your mouth moving
But where are you going?

Verbally we are architects
Drawing 3D plans and creating blueprints
We tune up thought processes
And fix flats like we’re in a race yard
We are ink chemists giving formulas for success
But you all refuse to drink it
Acting like it’s a Jekyll and Hyde lab or some shit!

And yet they seem bored….
Bill and I; we shake our heads
To how easily you forget
To pay homage to the Elders
To get in the lab and learn your craft
Not saying you need to be an expert
But take time to understand it

Regretfully forgetting
We are Poetry’s’ Poets and Poetess’

The super novastructura
To the construction of your structure
Arms outstretched like a parasol to protect you
We’ve used paper as a barricade to an ink levy
With our ink pens we’ve dug tunnels and built bridges
Iron sharpens iron which compliments our sinew
And what did or are you doing??


but in truth Jamie
i am encouraged by the younguns
the young guns
who load their weapons
of mass destruction
to shoot that shit
spyt that shyt
write that shit they do
cause when i and you
were them there young guns
we had no support
there was no community

and now these young ports
have an immunity
from impunity
to speak
as they feel
but some time
for real
i must question
what that is

i know it is none of my biz-ness
but some of that mess we be writing
has me fighting
to understand
just where we are going
as we claim that we are flowing
doing our poet thing

so my way of encouraging
is some times to click a “like”
not to psyche any one out
that i have read them
cause time is not a luxury i enjoy
to read all the tags they deploy
to get our attention

not to mention
that i do have a job
that is not about swabbing a poets knob
about how great they are
cause if they do not know who they are
or how far
they what to go with it
what can i tell them


Oh yes I agree
We all need the variety of genres
In every facet of poetry we speak
But the concern is the lack of purpose
When they rhyme the thumbs up
And empty likes because of the limelight

We deal with
Attention whores and like addicts
Those who need counseling
Make it seem like they missed a session of therapy
I’m just saying ….Now that’s real talk poet

They knew it was hot when they posted it
Putting it out there to be read is called self publishing
And who am I to critique; to scrutinize or criticize
I am not the winner of the poetic noble peace prize

The main thing is to bleed the ink
Let the thoughts flow allow the concept to flow
And then go back …After a day or so
And then re read it …Re~ bleed the ink….

Condense it if possible
I ain’t worried about the poets
I just wonder where they’re going...


you know Jamie
most times when i read
i do not know
about the flow
and where it is going
nor what is the message
some poets are sowing
so all i can do
is not to construe
that i know anything
and simply say this
“it is what it is”
and that is their biz
not mine
i have my own divine mind
to deal with
so i just smdh


Me Too
that’s where they do that at . . .

a Jamie Bond and ‘just bill’ joint

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