Sunday, August 19, 2012

Burning Bridges ~~ MissRemy ThePoetess AND Jamie Bond Collab

Burning Bridges ~~ MissRemy ThePoetess AND Jamie Bond Collab

((Jamie Bond))

Bout to make changes callin it a Jamie movement
Burning bridges and callin it home improvement
Nothings wrong with you & me its just YOU gotta go
And no you can’t come with me you're on your own
We’re overstaying our own welcome with each other
We’ve grown in different directions from one another
So don't whine and ask why; its just run its course
We can end as acquaintances, the balls in your court

See I gotta go and no you can't go with me
Look you gotta go do you, I gotta go do me
I'm tired of your existence; its too dormant in my life
Hold up, you're just MY FRIEND yo, I'm not your wife
Look YO we're NOT EFFIN TWINS this isn't SWF
You were just a long time friend you're not my BFF
Wave goodbye, be done already wit it; don't hang on
Nah... I neva grooved to that beat, that's YOUR song
Dry your eyes and remain productive in ur own right
I'm makin moves that don't include you cuz its MY LIFE!!

((Miss Remy))

Burning bridges is the first thing on my list
I feel like Siamese twins but last time I checked
We were not joined at the hip
When I speak you comment, when I walk you follow
When I try to get away your like I will call you tomorrow
I am moving on with my life and I plan to do this alone
But damn why you got to keep blowing up my phone.
I don’t wanna be your friend nor your confidant
You can get mad I don’t care what you want

Every time I look you’re like the C.I.A
This is not burger king you can’t have it your way
I am glad that you think we would make great friends
But damn you all in my life do you work for CNN
I’m gonna keep it real and yes I’m gonna keep it funky
You all on my back like a stalker are you Miss Remy junkie
I am gonna say this to you one more gin,
Kick rocks little bitch because I’m not your friend…

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