Sunday, August 19, 2012



Manuel 'Finale' Allen 
Dawg i hear ya grawl n they jus bittin your style, you got this spit on lock with a pitbull grip, i hear your silent whistle, im with'chu come n get me my nikka if you need me to help bleed'em, dope words or thoughtfood is how we eat'em...n shit'em out like pudding 'cause we running with truth...lyin dummies aint good fo the tummy we regurgitate'em and they lick the ish up... Mommy Bond is bonded with gift!

Jamie Bond 

my hood dont have a sales pitch
when we get glitches we say where is it
shit gets fridged real quick snitches get stiches
we collect dem trigger fingers in tha fridges
ayyyeee but yall already know what it is
Finale and Jamie be all about that shit!

Manuel 'Finale' Allen 
My Mommy Mafia is a Methaphorical Murder'er, Lady Lootchie Linguisticly Fully Loaded with'a trigga happy finga when it come to the inkin, sew'em in the ground deep shit down is how Grammer Goddess, apply these stitches to snitches who aint too careful for what they askin or wishing for...p.s. I HOPE Y'ALL got the message in her dawg FINALE... paw print!

Jamie Bond 
we go ballistic creating static's
be like bounce and uncling yo life
lack of harmony we causin strife
you be in stockins lookin like peter pan
we be rockin sockin yo mans and em

got 2 pens a piece aimed atcha
wit them shits up yo nostrils
you runnin your mouth like
my pen wont snatch out yo tonsils
can I get an amen and yo man
cuz that shit is gospel
leavin chipped paint
and dents in dey foreheads
we peel em caps back
like hood mechanics
we cant help that shit
we be poetic crack heads
body slam battle rhyming fanatics!

Manuel 'Finale' Allen 
Spray'em with your graffiti at point blank slang, handicap their hand writing, cripple their copying, murder their quotes than we burn'em while they're barely breathing and brain bleedin from reading run on sentences that flows like the magizines with a two hundred page clip of gifted& blessins...WHO SHOT'CHA???

Jamie Bond 
rally and gather tha masses
Finale is smooth
like molasses on yo asses
middle name oughtta warn you
curtain call in full effect

Finale makin words
appear distorted in yo mind
like a birth defect
we neva play fair
that's not in our DNA
if you a turkey
then its thanksgiving
dude you get served like soufflé

I'm not that bitch
I don't have an off switch
sell yo bullshit somewhere else
we throw dreams in tha fireplaces
I know thugs wit iphones they be
cyberbully wolves lurkin
and murkin ya in cyberspace

Manuel 'Finale' Allen 
They just selling wolf tickets, front row seats to no shows, slo ho's go fuck ya'self with dildo's, ya writing life might cum out better than ya sad ass bark with no bite attached, you soft as smoke, pufffff.... be gone b4 you're recognized beyond writers recognition, jane doe with a toe tag, your last message to the world worded in a dear john letter...That Bad Ass Sista Jaime Bond Did'cha! or she'll cut you n your pieces into pieces n feed'em to the fishes n watch'em shit you out in feces... Gabeech

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