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RIP to Troy Anthony Davis October 9, 1968 – September 21, 2011 BY Jamie Bond & King-Shark Chase

RIP to Troy Anthony Davis October 9, 1968 – September 21, 2011
BY Jamie Bond & King-Shark Chase

Court system
Dropped the ball
Where amnesty is an absentee
It’s a travesty and tragedy
If you ever anticipate accord
Please purchase a Honda

WELCOME to America
Georgia to be more specific
Where lack of evidence
And recanted statements
Can’t even get an appeal
Where swift justice
Takes the precedence
Even over our president
And chloroformed lies
Get silenced by being euthanized
Where apologies and lawsuits
Appalled the judicial system too much
Where they'd prefer to move forward
And see mistakes be hushed

The preference is to save face
And not investigate a crime
RIP to Troy Anthony Davis
The real victim in the crime
Seems like we live in a country
Where UNLESS a celebrity
Gets involved in a cause
More likely than not
We’ll continue to have
Such a blatant miscarriage
In our un just system...
Justice becomes JUST US
It will Always in ALL WAYS
Be Just us against justice
But that’s just MY opinion
Not all of US!!


~~ Jamie Bond

just us
them right
our write
them right
broken ass wing
left one
barely flapped
on the air of issue
I’m just saying
official tissue
as real as it comes
life stroking
till it comes
hard all over us
keeping mine closed
nose open
my time
to go out like a "G"
comes to me
I’m a 2pac'm
give them the juice
you never taken me alive
shoot out at the white house
the streets covered in blood
my blood
as I’m paraded down penn ave
with the crucifix of the streets
nailed to me
just us
my the fake live for the moment
the real for life
it might be
just me
but I know
just us
so you blind bitch
peek up underneath that fold
and fix this shit
before the
just us
wakes up the
just me
who wakes up the
just we

~~ King-Shark Chase

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