Thursday, June 13, 2013

Check out the first poetic love mix tape

Check out the first poetic love mix tape
hosted by Jamie Bond and Kelligraphy pens
On WKPKJB Radio 103.9 The indie storm
48poets back to back! <3 at="" br="" dat="" dey="" do="" enjoy="" where="">

I’m in love by William Washington from NYC
A freestyle that to be done by Tammy Jones from NJ
Love’s trinity by Poco Hantus from AZ
Waited by Acquah Vicki (Oladeji) from OH
Man by Antonio the poet from CA
Rapture of Love by LeeLee Aint Msbehavin' from CA
An uprite man Chi Adams from FL
Commitment Terrell Poeticboss Stanley from NC
Can’t stop thinking about you by Joe DaVerbal Minddancer from DC
The Rain by Rosalind Cherry from NJ
I’m in love by Writteninpain Carlos Lavezzari from NYC
Before You by William S. Peters Sr. from NJ
Resistance by Tainted Lucas from GA
Swooned by Darwin Greaves from PA
Heartbreak hotel By MizzFab Leslie from NH
Battle won by Mimi T Davis from TX
Silence by Paulette Bowe from FL
Can you help me by 'Author' Les Barnett Pollard from TX
Untitled piece Heather Parker funky sunshine from LA
Kissing hearts by Carlene Beverly from OH
The I in me by samuel rain Complicated passions from CA
Some kind of amazing by Star chaser from PA
Suductivity by Andrew Boyd from PA
About her by Douglas Moore from NJ
Strong love Automackdiesel from DC
You’re bad for me Chamber Seven from NC
She was so beautiful by Forrealthepoet Douglass from PA
Peace is where you are by Romeo D'nati from OH
Symphony by Lo Keys from VA
My everything by Santos TaĆ­no from NYC
I write collaborations by Quise THE NOTEBOOK from TX
Sleep refuses by Celeste Duckworth from AZ
Infinity by Karmel poet from TX
Tender love by Joski the poet from CA
I dedicate this love by Alexander Wildes Jr from PA
I love you by Lioness from DC
Writing for you by Forrealthepoet Douglass from PA
A real G by Lo Keys from VA
So close yes so far by A wildes from PA
Suga by Lioness from DC
Deme by Poco Hantus from AZ
Can I by Darwin Greaves from PA
Literary love literally love by Jamie Bond from NJ
Transforming dust 2.0 by Andrew Boyd from PA
Soft whispers by Eric h Allen aka Chocolate from TX
Soft whispers by Karmel Poet from TX
Bet her half = better half by Jamie Bond NJ
Mad notes written in the key of love by Kelligraphy pens OH


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