Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WKPJB The Indie Storm feat Dashaun Jiwe Morris Death Coast 03/04 by WKPJB 1039 The Indie Storm | Poetry Podcasts

WKPJB The Indie Storm feat Dashaun Jiwe Morris Death Coast 03/04 by WKPJB 1039 The Indie Storm | Poetry Podcasts

Join Jamie Bond, Chamber 7
& Kelligraphy Pens on Tuesday March 4th 2014 Featuring Brick Citys
own Dashaun Jiwe Morris His movie Death Coast is premiering Thursday.
FOLLOW HIM!! twitter/I.g  @JiweX7

Dashaun “Jiwe” Morris is from Newark, New Jersey. At the age of
thirty two, sits atop the totem pole of street politics in his city. His
is a story as unique as it is universal. Coming from a troubled home, a
young Jiwe was recruited to join the Bloods before he was even twelve
years old. By the time he was eleven, Jiwe had already participated in
his first drive by shooting. Perhaps it was his talent for football that
contributed to saving his life. A star athlete in high school, Jiwe was
recruited to attend Delaware State University on a full athletic
scholarship. But while he continued to excel on the field, his
involvement with the Bloods would ultimately take a turn for the worse
as Jiwe proceeded largely unabated down a path that would subsequently
lead to his indictment for attempted murder. Incarcerated and faced with
the prospect of raising his daughter from behind bars, Jiwe began to
look deep within himself for answers that would explain his predicament.
What began as a soul searching exercise would later turn into a
gripping account of street life through the eyes of a full blown gang
banger. In April of 2008 Jiwe’s first book, War Of The Bloods In My
Veins, was published by Scribner, a division of famed publishing house
Simon & Schuster. Today Jiwe is a free man and uses his influence
and credibility in the streets to uplift at-risk youth across America.
Traveling to high schools, colleges and juvenile detention facilities,
the man who once embraced a lifestyle that promoted violence now spends
his time urging adolescents to fight poverty through education and earn
for bigger and greater rewards outside the confines of dilapidated
neighborhoods and broken homes

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